Tidbits from the internet…

It’s amazing what you can learn by clicking around the internet! I didn’t even click much to learn this stuff. Today’s tidbits came to my email inbox via NextDraft and a TED newsletter.

Here is a link to a short article that explains why one nostril can get stuffed up while the other one does not. If nothing else, I now know that it’s not exactly my fault.

Next is a TED talk titled “How I beat stage fright.” by Joe Kowan. I remember when I first had to speak in front of a guild. I was president and I was scared stiff. No, I was scared ‘nauseous’, which was worse than being stiff. I wish I had been able to watch this then. As it is, even though I am not usually nervous in front of a crowd now, I did pick up some useful tips.


3 thoughts on “Tidbits from the internet…

  1. The TED talks are the best… as a member of a family plagued by Alzheimer’s I follow as much research as I can… thanks for highlighting the one on brain research… fascinating and completely different that some of the other directions research is taking on this horrible disease!


  2. Hi Becky, I’m trying to sign up to follow your blog on the new site with my new email address, but it seems like it just wants me to sign up to have a blog. Are others able to sign up?


    • One other person let me know about the same problem so I added some different ways to follow the blog. If you want to get it in an email, look under my picture on the right. There is a light gray button… try clicking that. Also, you can follow it as an RSS feed. I don’t use that option myself but I think it either goes to your email or you read the blog in a reader, like google reader.

      I hope one of these options works. Let me know… I’m curious!


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