Little quilt, big impact…

I want to share Maria Finegan’s quilt with you. Isn’t it lovely! I love the color and the way she quilted it…


Here is what Maria wrote: “I have long admired your beautiful quilts and gorgeous applique. I have most of your books, but felt a little overwhelmed to attempt a whole quilt of applique. I was once again looking through Amish Inspired Quilts and  fell in love with your version of this quilt. I thought the single area of applique would be a reasonable starting point and if it didn’t work out I would not have invested a large amount of time and money. As it turned out, I loved the applique process. It was more relaxing than I would have guessed. And because of my small success, I am now going back through your books to select my next project. My thanks to you and Linda for sharing your great designs and techniques.”

First I must say thank you to Maria for her kind words and for sharing the photo of her quilt. She is right… a little project is a great introduction to applique!

6 thoughts on “Little quilt, big impact…

  1. What a thrill for me to see my little (18.5 x 24″) quilt on your blog. Becky, thanks so much for your inspiration, great books and your very helpful video lessons. Maria


  2. Maria, A beautiful quilt. I love the colors and I can feel your warmth and joy in this precious little quilt. The whimsy of it makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your work.


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