Point Lobos, CA…

Today was Steve’s last day in CA with me. We hiked Point Lobos and if you follow me on facebook, instagram, or tumblr you saw some videos that I posted. I also took stills!


There were trees, and ocean, and otters, whales, and sea lions but it was hard to get blog-worthy photos of them. Instead, what you see above, is my shadow on what looks like large pebbles in sand. Instead, they are in conglomerate rock!


That large rock that Steve is taking a picture of shows the layers in the rock… smooth igneous with the chunky conglomerate rock. Here’s a closer look:


It’s like a layer cake!

We shopped in Carmel by the sea… I found clothes. Too expensive but like nothing I would find at home. If I am coming to teach for you any time in the next couple of years you will see what I bought :-).

I stopped to take a photo (I asked first) of this fun collage. That’s Tina Turner, is it not?


And, farther down the street, I took a photo of a door that turned into a subtle selfie!


At this point, vacation is just about over. I take Steve to the airport in the morning and my class begins in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to greeting the women I will be spending the next week with!

8 thoughts on “Point Lobos, CA…

  1. What fun! Wish I could be in your hip pocket. Or a fly on the wall in your class. Love your posts. I”m traveling by proxy and it’s fun.


  2. love the rock photos…so different than here in new england…after i took a geology course, find them fascinating…here we have mostly granite but our layered rocks usually have basalt inbetween…..


  3. I just realized that you are going to be at Empty Spools! I have attended 3 times, and every time was special and perfect. Enjoy! Be sure to sleep with a window open at least once so that you can hear the waves. That is always a highlight.


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