A blast from the past…

Some of you may know Linda V. Taylor, a wonderful machine quilter. I’m not sure when this video was shot, but I know it was when my hair was longer and I had fewer wrinkles :-). Linda V has a new youtube channel that is only a click away 🙂 so, if you like this video, you will enjoy the others that she has uploaded.

In other news, I am still in CA, teaching an Empty Spools class at the Asilomar conference center. I have 18 wonderful women in my independent quilting class—each one is doing something different and having a wonderful time. I stay busy helping whoever wants help through the day. Other classes have a focus, where the teacher is teaching a particular technique or pattern.

If you have never attended an Empty Spools class, I encourage you to think about it. This is perhaps the most magical quilting conference, ever.

1 thought on “A blast from the past…

  1. Lucky you and lucky students. Asilomar is a beautiful setting. I’ve been to a quilting retreat there several years. I hope to take a ES class sometime, especially yours.


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