A blast from the past…

Some of you may know Linda V. Taylor, a wonderful machine quilter. I’m not sure when this video was shot, but I know it was when my hair was longer and I had fewer wrinkles :-). Linda V has a new youtube channel that is only a click away 🙂 so, if you like this video, you will enjoy the others that she has uploaded.

In other news, I am still in CA, teaching an Empty Spools class at the Asilomar conference center. I have 18 wonderful women in my independent quilting class—each one is doing something different and having a wonderful time. I stay busy helping whoever wants help through the day. Other classes have a focus, where the teacher is teaching a particular technique or pattern.

If you have never attended an Empty Spools class, I encourage you to think about it. This is perhaps the most magical quilting conference, ever.

One thought on “A blast from the past…

  1. Lucky you and lucky students. Asilomar is a beautiful setting. I’ve been to a quilting retreat there several years. I hope to take a ES class sometime, especially yours.


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