Spring is trying to be sprung…

Yesterday I was struck with the urge to pull weeds, mostly because they are the most green things in my yard right now. I did not succumb to the urge because I had to work, but I thought to myself that maybe this weekend I could get to it. And then I realized that spring is here! Weeds and singing cardinals are the harbingers of spring for me. I am happily anticipating the flowers that come later!


Martha Stewart also knows that spring is here because she sent me 3 different emails today, all linked to spring tidying up. And I’m sure that Martha, herself, hit the send button :-).

There were links to doing cute things with jars, and to organizing your bedroom, and to an assortment of organizing videos. And there was lots more. Honestly, do Martha and her minions ever sleep?!

I liked many of the ideas for the garage.


I blogged a few years ago when we cleaned out our garage, painted the inside walls white, and seriously organized it. (I’d link to those posts but I can’t find them.) Our garage still looks pretty good, but not nearly as good as the one in the picture. I’m almost tempted to do it again. Almost, but not quite. Instead I’m going to work on quilts and imagine doing this to my garage :-).

Now, it might sound like I’m poking fun at Martha Stewart, but I am not. I always enjoy looking at her magazine, and I also enjoy clicking around the MSL site. Regardless of who is generating the images and information, there is a lot of good stuff to be found there.

I know that spring is a ways off for many of you but, on a positive note, that gives you plenty of time to get organized inside before you have to start weeding!


2 thoughts on “Spring is trying to be sprung…

  1. pulled a mess of weeds yesterday out of the garden…..today was not as fruitful, but you are right spring is here in North Texas.


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