Just beautiful…


I ran across this image on Pinterest and fell in love. The photo is of Reykjavik, Iceland, and was taken by Jeanine Stewart. You can find her here on Instagram, and on her blog, wonderings and wanderings. I received her permission to share her photo with you and, if you like it,  you will enjoy her other photos.

This photo, in particular, is fascinating to me. I looks like the most excellent model of a city, ever. The cars look like toys, the houses look like they could have been very carefully crafted from paper or cardboard, and then painted… just so. I am going to have to go to Reykjavik, to stand in this spot and see this for myself. Until then, I will just have to love this photo.

Many thanks to Jeanine, for sharing her lovely views of the world!


3 thoughts on “Just beautiful…

  1. I agree with Jeanine — you MUST go to Reykjavik! With your love of color, you would LOVE the bright buildings. Just to the left of this street is a cluster of my favorite buildings — VERY bright, with an unforgettable lime green — perfect Piece O’ Cake buildings! This photo was taken from the clock tower of Hallgrimskirkja. You can get a 365-dgree view of the city and it’s gorgeous!

    Make it a business trip! I know the quilters in Iceland would LOVE to have you come and visit!!! We went last spring and it’s one of my favorite places and I’m hoping to return some day.


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