Hummingbird mom-to-be…

While walking through the Ruth Bancroft Garden, we passed this eucalyptus:


It’s a nice plant but I didn’t stop. Amy did. She spotted a hummingbird, sitting on a nest! It took me a very long time to see the bird/nest and by the time I saw her, we had irritated the poor bird so much that she flew away. When we walked back by later, she was sitting on her nest.


We very carefully took pictures and it wasn’t easy. She was so well hidden that it was hard to figure out where to point the camera. It made me wish for my big camera, the one with viewfinder that you look through rather than a digital screen.


I realized as I was admiring this bird and her nest, that I had not ever thought about where the hummingbirds that frequent my yard build their nests. I’m going to have to be a little more observant and maybe I’ll spot one!

If you want to read more about hummingbird nests, click here, and here, and/or google it.



7 thoughts on “Hummingbird mom-to-be…

  1. Amazing Becky! Love the bird photos. You have a great eye. I have enjoyed all your photos from Dale Chihuly to DIY projects.


  2. We have one, too, and the hummingbirds have been coming back to it the last two years. Aren’t they wonderful? They lay their eggs twice a season, so if you have a nest in your yard, you should be able to find it. Right now there are eggs waiting to hatch in the next in our tree. My granddaughters (3 & 6) were enthralled to see them last year in Oct. when they were here. You got some really good photos!


    • I wish I could take my grandkids outside to watch this bird but she’s in CA and we’re in TX. I’ll have to look more closely around here to see if I can find a similar nest. And, yes, thank you… I was pretty happy with these photos!


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