And there were flowers!

Succulents don’t flower a lot but when they do, the flowers are lovely. Here are a few, seen at the Ruth Bancroft Garden last week:

The yellow flowers on this little barrel cactus were practically translucent…

YellowCactusFlower copy


Another tall cactus wore what appeared to be a corsage, albeit not one I would want to wear :-).


There was a lovely stand of poppies, taller than me! I kept thinking of the poppies that put Dorothy, et al, to sleep in the Wizard of Oz…

WhitePoppies-02 copy

These little purple flowers were all over a small hump of what looked a little like grass but was instead pretty spikey. You wouldn’t want to walk on it…

TinyPurpleFlowerMound copy

There were several flower that could have been designed by Dr. Seuss…


And a personal favorite, the ones that look like spikey fireworks!

PurpleBurstingFlower-Succulent copy


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