If only it were this easy to go places…

As I was driving home from my morning walk the other morning, I spotted this well-worn VW Bug parked on the street, with a surfboard strapped to its roof! This is not a common sight in land-locked Sherman, TX.



It looked so out of place that I decided to fix it with Photoshop. First I made the background go away. I sort of like the look of it floating on the white background. It’s easy to imagine it being in a snowstorm, except that the pavement is dry.


But the bug w/surfboard needs to be by the ocean…


I tried parking it at more than one beach because, by this time, I was just playing…


I’m resisting to urge to put it in more locales. Seriously, I need to get some work done :-).


6 thoughts on “If only it were this easy to go places…

  1. It’s an interesting way to test colors. I don’t have photoshop but I guess I could take a photo of my chosen fabrics on different backgrounds. Thanks for the idea.


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  2. I love the backgrounds of Hawaii, and you even added Diamond Head in the background. Is the last background Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii? So much Fun!


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