And now for something completely different…

There are some very well-made, funny, and (sometimes) completely inappropriate videos online. Every now and then I somehow find a good one, and, if I click a little more, I find others. I happened to find myself clicking around on Ad Week yesterday and came upon two videos to share.

The selection, below, has a tiny bit of harsh language—I would not call it inappropriate. Made by Director Alberto Belli, it is a spoof of the movie, Les Misérables, and actress Anne Hathaway’s pursuit of an Oscar nomination. I enjoyed the movie—and I laughed all the way through the spoof!

Alberto Belli also directed what Ad Week called “the funniest fake ad shown at the Cannes Lions Festival this year, It’s Not Porn.” Be warned that this video is full of completely inappropriate adult content! I am assuming that if you watch it, you are doing so because you’re OK with the content. If you do watch it, stick with it all the way to the end—you will be surprised. And, if you are like me, it will make you think about your perception of what constitutes pornography. Context, as they say, is everything.



2 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. It didn’t exactly make me rethink my perception of pornography. It doesn’t matter where it’s being shown – pornography is pornography, but somehow HBO manages to get away with it. Go figure…… Just one of the many reasons we don’t subscribe.


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