Change is good(?)

How often have you heard that change is good? I have heard it often, and I believe that change really is good. However, no matter how good change may be, it can also be hard because it requires that we do something new.

Doing something new is not as comfortable as doing what you always do and I’m as bad as everyone else in that I like to be comfortable. (It makes you wonder how the phrase “change is good” came to be so widely embraced, doesn’t it?)

It’s probably more accurate to say that “Change is.” Every day presents us with new choices; things do not remain the same and we do have to make choices. The TED talk below by Ruth Chang is about making hard choices. It’s about 15 minutes long and interesting.

I posted another TED talk about choices on June 10. These two talks complement each other: one is about how we handle (or are overwhelmed by) too many choices and the other is about how we decide between tough options.

In my own life, what I have found helpful is the recognition that too many choices are often overwhelming and that limiting options can work for me. I am also happy to be reminded that hard choices are hard specifically because they are not black and white. Deep down, we all know that this is true, but it is easy to get sucked into the notion that we ought to be able to always choose the best option. Sometimes it’s a coin-toss and you are either lucky in your choice, or not.

There is a Harry Nilsson song that I have always loved, The Lottery Song. (You can hear it here.)  The refrain is:

“If life is just gamble
Gamble if you want to win
Life can be so easy
Let the wheel of fortune spin”

As I thought about Ruth Chang’s talk, that was the soundtrack playing in my head…


6 thoughts on “Change is good(?)

  1. One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in my 67 years is that change is just part of life….it’s inevitable. Nothing really remains constant in the physical world. Thanks for the reminder! Also, when you mentioned Harry Nielson it reminded me of a ‘cartoon character movie’ from more than 40 years ago named “The Point”. He wrote and sang all of the songs in it and I watched it so many times that I knew them all by heart – and still do (most of them!).


    • Me too! Steve and I had the record, now Chris and Lorna have it. I quote from The Point often. Even when I don’t say it out loud, I find myself thinking that ‘you don’t have to have a point, to have a point’ :-).


  2. You mentioned that sometimes it is like a toss of a coin and one is lucky. I would think if the choices are so close you are tossing a coin, that both choices are ok.


    • Ideally, yes, both choices are good. Except that once you make a choice, you may find that it is not what you hoped it would be. And then you choose something else. The point being that you can’t know which is the best choice…


  3. WOnderful thoughts, Becky.  Thanks!

      Ellyn Wood    Retired and LOVING it!    “I think that if ever a mortal heard the voice of God it would be in a garden at the cool of the day.”


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