Always looking…

I am learning to really appreciate the camera in my iPhone. It is usually with me and so I can stop and take quick pics even on my morning walk. Use your imagination and these salvias could instead be green-tipped purple trees in a Dr. Seuss landscape!


Wouldn’t the colors in this feather, used with the grays in the concrete, be perfect in a quilt?


On the same morning walk, I noticed this water meter cover. You can’t really tell from the photo, but it was tall, the center part stuck up several inches, which is unusual. I love the mix of colors and textures. It struck me that the bright turquoise on the worn iron cover is the same as the turquoise in my shoes.


There are just too many cool things that a person can take a picture of!


6 thoughts on “Always looking…

  1. In the water meter photo, I note the outdoorsy-contrast of the rusty cover and the stones. I see shades of gray and beige. Shoes coordinate with stones also. How sad the cover was made in a foundry in India and not in the USA. Municipalities should know better.


  2. I take similar pictures! I made a thereof ax of a feather and print it on lots of fabric. You can borrow if you’d like.

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