Taking care of the ‘girls’…

After we discussed Maya Angelou‘s ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings‘ at my book club last week, we found ourselves talking about bras. I’m not sure how we got there, but I know I did some of the talking because I had recently learned things I didn’t know about bra fitting. As it turns out, Jacquie knew way more… and she shared links!

The video by Caty 135 is worth the time it takes to watch it. Here’s what I figured out. I have been in a bra that was both too big and too small since I have had boobs. Sigh.

And then you should read this blog entry from Brittany, Herself. Very informative.

As it turns out, cup sizes are not the same at each band size. It is a proportional relationship. I am not particularly well-endowed and had mostly been fitted in C cups. For that to fit my body, I had to have a bigger band size. I’ve been covered, but never supported, forever. Amazingly enough, I am now in a 32 or 34 band and, gasp, a D or DD cup. That cup size on a bigger band would be bigger as well. On a smaller person than me, that same D cup would be smaller.

If you already knew all this and have been in the correct bra size forever, good for you! If you know someone who obviously needs to know what you know, please do gently share the information. Lorna, Elanor, and I went to Nordstrom’s today and we each came home with bras that fit and we are happy, happy, happy!

8 thoughts on “Taking care of the ‘girls’…

  1. Nordstrom’s has some of the best trained fitters anywhere.. My daughter and her two daughters get new fittings regularly just to be sure nothing has changed. I did too until had to start getting fitted for the boobs themselves not just the bras!


  2. Thank you for the great information! I have only met one woman who has her own lingerie store who knew what she was doing. Hopefully, the measurements I took last night will now ensure I know what I am doing also. Just wish we had a Nordstrom’s nearby!


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  4. Becky, I finally got around to watching this video last night, and my mind is blown! I have been buying a 36B for years, but I measured myself last night, and I should be in a 32DD. I am going to Nordstrom this weekend to take care of business!


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