Summer time is flying by…

Although my husband tells me that time passes by exactly the same way, minute by minute, day by day, I swear that time moves faster as I get older. It makes him sigh, deeply. At any rate, I can hardly believe it has been a week since I last wrote. (FYI: the new bras are amazing! I hope you found time to shop as well.)

I’ve been working on a new quilt for the revised edition of our Piecing book. I can only show you a snippet of it, otherwise it would spoil the surprise for when the book comes out…


This is the pile of scraps that were left from cutting strips. It’s a very happy quilt!

Scraps-02 copy

I enjoy piecing and am finding it fun to crank out some quilts… as long as I still have applique to do at night :-).

6 thoughts on “Summer time is flying by…

  1. Your husband is just flat out wrong: time does go by faster as we get older. True fact. End of story. That’s a great pile of scraps – it looks like summer!


    • Yeah, it sort of made my head hurt too.

      It has not taken me long at all to get used to the tighter band and I’m sure it’s because the cup size is bigger. And my shoulders are happier and, amazingly, I feel like I’m standing up straighter.

      Isn’t it stunning, what you can learn online!?


  2. Becky, thanks so much for the amazing bra fitting video, did I say amazing!
    I also say thanks from my shoulders and back. Who knew tighter bands are a good thing.


  3. We definitely have more ways to fill our time as we get older – trying to balance the “shoulds” and wants becomes more of a challenge. As kids we mainly have wants and needs, so our sense is that time passes more slowly. I didn’t get to see all of the bra fitting video, but did learn that I probably should have changed bra sizes many years ago! Thanks for sharing the information. Penny M


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