Outside at the Woods…

This post is mainly for my Mom, who asked me this morning why I hadn’t show pictures of the outside. The property is not really visible from the road. As you drove over a small hill, from the road, this is what you see. There’s the new shed on the left. The Woods house is down in those trees. You can see the front of Steve’s pickup, which is backed up to the door of the screened-in porch…


Here are some recent before pictures of the porch. Trust me when I tell you that these before pictures are way better than it looked a few weeks ago. I should have taken pictures of it then. Sigh.




Today, Steve finished cleaning up the porch. Yay! All it needs is a welcome mat!




There is a bit of loose screen to fix—later, when it’s cooler out.





5 thoughts on “Outside at the Woods…

  1. I am enjoying your photos of the Woods house. I must have missed the first, telling where this is? It makes me nostalgic for our NM cabin, which we sold when we moved to central TX. I hope you enjoy your Woods house as much as did our getaway in the northern NM woods.


  2. I am really enjoying watching you “flip”, I love seeing before, during & after pictures of this type. Keep up the good work both with the house and the pictures.


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