Inside and upstairs at the Woods…

I did remember to take a before picture of a window sill to give you an idea of what some of the walls looked like before being painted. I do so love what a fresh coat of paint adds to a space!


There is an upstairs loft in this house…


Next year I’m going to paint the floor up here, and will probably give the wall that is currently painted a fresh coat of paint. We are going to ignore the sloped ceilings. It’s a cabin-like space, after all!


Rather than putting mattresses in the house, Steve is putting plywood into twin bed frames. He’s going to purchase inexpensive inflatable mattresses that folks who spend the night can use with bedding or sleeping bags. It’s seems cleaner to us to do it that way, less dusty. Wouldn’t you agree?


Here’s the view from over the railings. The living area looks happy. I had the chairs feet-up on the dining table and it’s not totally tidy, but you get the idea. I can tell already that I will want to clean the tops of the ceiling fan blades. I wonder how I can reach them…


The screened-in porch is just outside that big front door.


And, lastly, here’s one of the downstairs bedrooms, with one bed platform, a table, and reclaimed lamp… All we need are some more bed platforms and the Woods will be good to go!



4 thoughts on “Inside and upstairs at the Woods…

  1. My favorite part is the turquoise coffee table. It IS a cabin and that is a stroke of genius until that perfect piece of petrified wood comes along to hold a piece of Plexiglas or old barn window or some other inspiration piece from Steve. I do hope you get to enjoy the place occasionally! Good work!

    Love ya, Sharon


  2. You can buy a ceiling fan cleaner at the hardware store. It has fuzz on both sides for cleaning the blade and and extendable handle.


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