King size is BIG!

I believe I mentioned that I had made a quilt for the new Piecing book that measures 118″ x 118″. Technically that is king size, but mattresses are tall these days, and I’ve added foam toppers to them. It takes a BIG quilt to cover the edges of the mattress (and the edges of the blanket beneath it).


This is the quilt back. I made it bigger, of course—too big. The quilt will not hit the floor.I used 2 Kaffe Fassett fabrics that look nice in the room and with the periwinkle headboard. I think much of the time, the quilt back will be showing. That way I won’t have to worry about the grandkids and cats when they are on the bed. (The quilt top has lots of white in it.)

I thought about quilting this monster myself (for about 1 minute) and then I contacted Angela Walters who has thankfully agreed to quilt it. Yay, Angela!


8 thoughts on “King size is BIG!

  1. I have a large hunters star quilt top I made almost 2 years ago for my California king sized bed which I have not quilted. I’m not really sure how to tackle the basting yet! Then I will wrestle it under my home machine…probably the spacier Juki.


    • When I (very briefly) entertained the idea of quilting this quilt myself, I figured I would take it to our church where I could push enough tables together to do it. And then I remembered that we mostly have round tables.

      If I had more time, I would probably quilt this one on my Handi-Quilter. But I don’t… so I’m going to embrace the fact that Angela will do a lovely job!


  2. The largest quilt I’ve quilted is 95 x 105. I draped it over my cutting table and kept moving it around to baste. I used my regular sewing machine to do all the simple quilting. Decided that would be the last large quilt i would make. Most of them are now no larger then 90″. I love Angela’s quilting.


  3. I haven’t quilted anything over 45×60. It’s just really difficult (as far as I’m concerned) to push it around under the machine. I’m sure Angela will do a wonderful job for you, especially knowing it will end up in your new book. Can hardly wait to see it!


  4. Hmmm… The paper pieced pineapple log cabin that I’m working on right now is set to be a California King size for my bed — about 106″ x 106″, with 36 blocks finishing at 17 3/4″. You mentioned that your King quilt top is 118″ — do you think I should add another row of blocks to mine to ensure it’s still big enough after quilting? Since my blocks are so big, that would make it 124.25″ square before quilting. I don’t want it to drag on the floor when all is said and done, but I don’t want the sheets hanging out below the quilt, either!

    I have five blocks finished so far and I have been thinking about whether I would try to quilt it myself on my domestic Bernina or, for the first time, send it to a longarm quilter. I’ve never made a quilt larger than twin sized before and even that was a challenge to quilt. Truth be told, I do not love the quilting phase and I often feel like my mediocre, best-viewed-from-a-distance quilting takes away from my piecing and design rather than enhancing it. But here’s the thing: I kind of want to feel like it’s my quilt that I made, and I worry that my average piecing would be totally upstaged by professional longarm quilting, that the quilting would be what everyone noticed and commented on and I wouldn’t feel like “I made it” anymore. Still, I find myself daydreaming as I’m piecing those pineapples, wondering, “How would Judi Madsen the Green Fairy quilt this? 🙂

    By the way, thank you so much for helping me with my outer curves on my little applique leaves. Turning just enough fabric to take one stitch at a time made a HUGE difference. It’s still not perfect, but I see a lot of improvement from the first leaf I stitched to the last one.


    • Hi Rebecca, First, take a tape measurer to your bed and see just how big you want the quilt to be, with the drop.

      Then, take into consideration that quilting will draw up the quilt size some. On a quilt of this size I guessed that that could be 2-5 inches.

      Also, did you wash and dry your fabric before you began? If not, your fabric will shrink when you wash the quilt. The batt may shrink some, but the fabric surely will. I would guess that on a quilt this size you could see 5″-12″ shrinkage.

      I always prewash so I don’t have to worry about that much. I do know that the quilting will cause the finished quilt to be less than 118″ x 118″, but on my bed that will be OK.

      I hope this helps :-),



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