Simply Delicious…

Lynette C. from New Zealand 2007 emailed to say that she has just completed her 9 block version of “Simply Delicious” and she graciously said that I could share it with you! Thank you to Lynette! It is a lovely quilt and you will enjoy seeing the close-ups that she posted on her blog. Click here to this and several more photos on Lynette’s blog.


In other news, I sewed most of last week on a sampler quilt for the Piecing book that just did not turn out well. I chose some colors unwisely and let the prints take over. Really, it ought to look good, but it doesn’t. Linda’s comment was that it looked like a birthday party (possibly with clowns).

I wish I could show it to you but I can’t since I’m still going to use the pattern in the book, but in a different colorway. If there’s room in the book, it will make a lovely example of what not to do.

I don’t mind sharing the fact that I occasionally make a lemon. Even when you know what you’re doing, it is possible to put together a quilt that is just wrong. Rather than losing heart, take a deep breath and move on. Save your lemons and find a way to turn them into lemonade! They can make great charity quilts, or baby quilts—they also make nice quilt backs!

2 thoughts on “Simply Delicious…

  1. I love these blocks. I made these block years ago… to learn how to needleturn applique. I have them put away and some day hope to get them into a quilt! Thanks for sharing Lynette’s finish. They are beautiful! Sorry your sampler quilt didn’t work out as expected.. I guess even the best of us make lemons! Good luck with the remake!


  2. Have fun with the remake. And, yes, please do add the lemon into the book cause it’s good to have clues on what doesn’t work!


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