8 Days of magic…

The most magical part about a week at Disneyworld are the memories that you bring home with you. We will also have photos taken by the Disney photographers (which should be good!) but for now I can share a few taken with my phone and small camera…

Disney1-03 copy

It’s not Disney without princesses, and boy, were they good!

Disney1-04 copy

Some of the coolest visual memories that I have are from the Very Merry Christmas evening spectacular. It’s extra, but worth it. The light show on the castle, the Christmas parade, and the fireworks were, in fact, spectacular!

DisneyCastle-01 copy

We visited all of the parks!

Disney2-09 copy

Jack saw his first ocean mid-trip…

AtTheOcean-01 copy

AtTheOcean-02 copy

We got rained on at Hollywood Studios but I got some photos between showers…

Disney4-01 copy Disney4-02

All in all, it was a great trip. We didn’t think about work for a whole week! And, while we are all ready to be home, we’re also sad to be leaving. That is the sign of an excellent vacation!


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