Because they’re cute…

Many thanks to NatureVideo for posting so many great videos! My favorite in this list of top 10 cute animals for 2014 is the Dumbo octopus.

You might wonder why I am posting this. It’s because I’m trying to reduce some of the stress in my life. I, and most everyone I know, has too much to do, not nearly enough time to do it in, and is not really ready for Christmas (or the new year for that matter). 5 minutes of cute animals did, in fact, make me smile and slow down just a bit. I hope the video works the same way for you :-).

Click here to see the video on youtube if it doesn’t open in this post.

And don’t forget about the fabric sale

1 thought on “Because they’re cute…

  1. Talk about stress and sewing ..This is why I will never set a due or date time on my projects. I will finish when I finish. It may take one yr or 7 to finish my quilts 🙂
    I set a date on a quilt and never got around to it . I was so upset with myself and my own demands on myself that I set it aside and began another quilt hahaha.


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