Sometimes you just need a box…

I just read that cats love boxes. How did I miss this important fact!

We have 3 cats: Emma (gray, female, sort of delicate) has been with us 12 years or more. Dave (male, black, kind of aggressive) joined us a few years later. Last winter, Belle (female, small) showed up between ice storms. She was bony, obviously homeless.

For a while the cats co-existed in the house. This is the one and only picture I have of them together…


And then all hell broke loose. Belle decided that she was the boss and she started fighting with the other two cats. I tried putting different cats in cat carriers. I tried closing them off from each other. No dice.

Emma fled first, to the back yard. We finally put a cat door in the shed. I got her a kitty kabin and a heat lamp for winter. She seems happy in her new home. Every now and then she flirts with the idea of coming inside the house, but then she turns tail and runs.

Dave (big, tough Dave!) is back to being a mostly outside cat. I set up a warm spot (with a heat lamp) in the garage for cold nights. He actually snuck into the house the other night to sleep in front of the fire, but he skedaddled first thing in the morning, before Belle saw him.

Belle is now the queen of all she surveys. The house is hers. We are her people. Steve is not crazy about Belle. He doesn’t appreciate the fact that she has run the other 2 cats outside. The funny thing is, though, that he was not crazy about the other 2 cats either. He (says he) would be happy if they all went to heaven.

I wish the 3 cats were happy together; instead I have 3 happy cats who thrive in their own separate spaces. Keeping them separately fed and watered is a small hassle but other than that, it’s not that bad. I’m not unhappy that Belle is our inside cat because I like her personality. She’s perky! She is also sometimes pointy—but not usually. Sort of like me :-).

I am, however, going to remember about the cardboard boxes. Maybe, if I could somehow get them all in the house at the same time—with boxes aplenty—they could each go to a box and think about getting along.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a box…

  1. Yes!! I can see it now. Boxes all over the house – at least in the rooms you are willing to let the cats play in. At least half a dozen, so each can choose her/his own, and so they can alternate. They will be so busy with their boxes that Belle won’t think so much about running the others off. What fun!!


    • Well, no. And separate litter boxes isn’t going to happen. They mostly went outside even when they got along. Belle sometimes uses the litter box, but even she likes the great outdoors. Surprisingly enough, the two females stay close to home to ‘go’.

      Dave always has gone farther afield. We tried to put a stop to that a few years ago, but it just didn’t work. He came to our back door full grown, with his ideas about what he was going to do. No changing him. Or Emma. Or Belle. They are just like people.



      • Ah, yes, and they are just like their people, namely you and Steve. For I perceive that you are also independent and free–thinking 🙂


  2. trade ’em in for dogs! Can you tell I’m not a cat person? I’ve had one and loved her , mainly because she was more dog-like . She’d greet you when you’d come in the house, and was a “lap cat”, I was sad when she died. With other cats I love ’em as kitties, then they turn into teenagers, and stay in that belligerent state forever. Plus, I’ve never had a dog bring me a dead mouse!


    • I think I am attracted to a cat’s independence. Dogs require attention and it’s not fair to them to ignore them. I travel too much now to be a good dog owner… Unless I had one of those little purse-sized dogs. And that size might as well be a cat!

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  3. Your cats are lovely! I have one – Tulip (inherited name from the shelter; I probably would have gone with Maxi if I’d had a choice) and, like most cats, she has a mind of her own. She does love the hidey places though. She’s made a nest of sorts in my rug hooking wool stash that’s on the bottom shelf. I’ve given up trying to pick it up. I had to block access to the quilting fabric shelves because she un-shelved the stash and made a nice little napping place. I haven’t tired leaving boxes around but she seems to find odd places anyhow – top shelf of the etarge in the bathroom, a big basket in the dining room (she hasn’t used that for awhile though), on the shelf under my desk. Top priority seems to be the rug wool these days.


  4. How funny that you’ve had cats so long and missed the box thing! Maybe you are tidy and throw the boxes away before the cats can get into them. We find our cats like shoe boxes the best – – – with crackly paper. I “refresh” the paper when I get a new package. Watching them carefully crunch up the paper is so funny. I have also made box “runs” for them – boxes with holes taped together – kind of like a gerbil run. Now who is sillier – the cats or me? ;-D


  5. Don’t think I have ever had a cat who didn’t like boxes! They all prefer different toys though – matchbooks (used), the plastic ring off the milk jug, plastic wires, etc.


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