Shirt shopping…

I am going to be filming an episode of The Quilt Show in just a few weeks. I’m looking forward to working with Alex and Ricky again!

Pulling together the actual content of my show is not an issue—I am good to go on that front. No, the bigger issue for me is figuring out what to wear :-). I don’t want to look like this:

From Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

All of my ‘good’ clothes are black and white. Everything works together and looks good on me  (most of the time**). However, black and white are not recommended for filming. I have some color in my closet, but those clothes are too casual for this gig. Shopping for the right top has been on my agenda but I have not been able to find time for it.

I am lecturing for the Quilters Guild of Plano tomorrow evening. When I mapquested it, I realized that their meeting place is very near The Shops At Willow Bend. Oh happy day! I looked and if I can’t find a suitable top there I might as well just give up on ever finding one. I’m actually looking forward to the hunt!

**Have you ever put on something that looked great the last time your wore it, but this time it’s just awful? Why is that? If you are like me, once that happens it’s hard to feel good in that outfit again. It ends up cycling out of my closet to be replaced by something else, hence shopping trips.

How is it that this never seems to happen to men? I’m not complaining about that because if it did, Steve would do a lot more shopping. As it is, our clothing budget is mostly my clothing budget. I’m so lucky that he’s OK with that :-).

( Comic: Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen)

15 thoughts on “Shirt shopping…

  1. Good luck with the hunt. I just found two tops I love and can hardly wait to wear and they have pattern and color. I too do the black and white thing.


  2. I think I have the same polka dot shirt and hat as Gary, LOL!!! It always looks good in the store, but something happens when you try it on at home. I’d rather choose fabrics for my next quilt than try and buy clothes!!


  3. Yes! I know exactly what you mean about loving a piece of clothing and then the next time feeling like you have no idea who purchased this and put it in your closet! I feel very strongly that there are not many good options for those of us in a certain age group. It seem like things are too old or too young…(sigh). I hope you find the perfect outfit to wear with ease. ;))


  4. be sure and avoid stripes and checks that can look like they are vibrating…my niece is a behind the scenes person working in TV..she is great to take shopping for clothes to wear on camera…I work a lot as an extra in movies..and I have done a couple of commercials…so I always try to buy clothes that I will be able to wear on camera…we generally have to bring 3 outfits…so that wardrobe can change us out if they have to
    mix up styles and colors….


  5. Becky, take your striking black & white outfit and add a vest and/or scarf, some colored jewelry and you’re good to go. Look how you combine colors for your quilts!


  6. Go with a scarf. You can keep the slimming black and white, but dress up your clothing and highlight your face with some brighter colors. When you find one you like take a selfie to see how it looks with a camera.


    • Yes, two in fact. I found a deep turquoise Eileen Fisher top at Dillard’s. And then a friend spotted a nice washable, non-wrinkly linen top (also aqua) at a local boutique. Another friend picked it up for me on Saturday when I was teaching in Plano. It’s so nice to have friends who are good at dressing you :-).



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