It’s time to celebrate!

This weekend, March 18-20, is International Quilting Weekend and The Quilt Show is hosting a party! You can win prizes and see all of their shows (over 200!)  for free at Look for me in shows 611 and 1704. Remember that all the shows are free, all weekend long.

There are $11,000 worth of prizes at The Quilt Show party! Click the image below to enter the drawing.


And don’t forget to spend time quilting this weekend too :-).

Answer the question, please…

When I filmed my episode for The Quilt Show, I was also asked several questions and was filmed as I answered. Several of you saw this quick video before I did. Click here to see me on the TQS site or you can watch below. I’m so happy that I came up with reasonable answers on short notice :-).

Members of The Quilt Show will be able to watch the new episode this August, in Episode 1704.

UPDATE: Several have asked about Edrica Huws. Doesn’t she look like someone you’d enjoy knowing?


I could write but honestly, you need to see photos of her most excellent work. Google ‘Edrica Huws’ and/or click here. I think the images will open for you. I’ve posted one of my favs below.



Big news from TQS…

In honor of International Quilting Weekend, March 20-22, 2015, The Quilt Show (, the web TV show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, will open all of its shows from the first nine series—shows 100-1513—for the entire weekend. I’m telling you today so that you can reserve time this weekend.

For three special days, everyone will have the chance to view over 200 shows, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE. See—that’s big news!

This year’s sponsors are contributing over $5000 in prizes, including the Grand Prize, a BERNINA 550 QE.  Other prizes you have a chance to win are:

  • Innova – Have your quilt professionally quilted ($500 value)
  • Superior Threads – five $100 gift certificates
  • RJR Fabrics – a Delicious Selection of RJR Fabrics
  • AccuQuilt – GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter
  • Missouri Star Quilt Company – $500 in Quilter’s Cash plus signed copies of Volume 1 of Block Magazine and Man Sewing Swag
The Quilt Show_Season_6

Here I am with Alex and Ricky.

As you may already know, I appeared as the featured artist on TQS in show 611. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see this show the first time around, now you’ll have the chance to see it—and so many other terrific shows—at no cost in this unprecedented three-day offer.

I hope that you’ll share this information with all of your quilting friends. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy three days of learning and fun without leaving your home…all for free.

Enjoy the shows, and thanks for helping to spread the word!

Click here to go to the TQS website landing page.

Shirt shopping…

I am going to be filming an episode of The Quilt Show in just a few weeks. I’m looking forward to working with Alex and Ricky again!

Pulling together the actual content of my show is not an issue—I am good to go on that front. No, the bigger issue for me is figuring out what to wear :-). I don’t want to look like this:

From Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen

All of my ‘good’ clothes are black and white. Everything works together and looks good on me  (most of the time**). However, black and white are not recommended for filming. I have some color in my closet, but those clothes are too casual for this gig. Shopping for the right top has been on my agenda but I have not been able to find time for it.

I am lecturing for the Quilters Guild of Plano tomorrow evening. When I mapquested it, I realized that their meeting place is very near The Shops At Willow Bend. Oh happy day! I looked and if I can’t find a suitable top there I might as well just give up on ever finding one. I’m actually looking forward to the hunt!

**Have you ever put on something that looked great the last time your wore it, but this time it’s just awful? Why is that? If you are like me, once that happens it’s hard to feel good in that outfit again. It ends up cycling out of my closet to be replaced by something else, hence shopping trips.

How is it that this never seems to happen to men? I’m not complaining about that because if it did, Steve would do a lot more shopping. As it is, our clothing budget is mostly my clothing budget. I’m so lucky that he’s OK with that :-).

( Comic: Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen)

Celebrate International Quilting Day!

Celebrate International Quilting Day me and beginning Friday, March 14 through Sunday, March 16. Everyone who signs on to will have FREE access to over 160 WebTV shows featuring some of the top quilting instructors in the world. You can also enter the TQS prize drawing with a grand prize of a BERNINA 550QE and wonderful fabric prizes. So check in at on Friday, March 14, and enjoy the shows and exploring The Quilt Show website. You can start with my show, Episode #611.