Oh, please let it work…

I’ve spent the last several days getting the new website up. I just talked to Register.com and http://www.pieceocake.com should soon connect to the new site that looks like this:


I gotta say that I should have done this a very long time ago. I think everyone, including me, is going to find the new site easier to use. That said, I’m still tweaking. In fact, I just realized I have not set up the About page. Sigh.

Once it’s up, if you click through and find problems, please do let me know. I’ve edited each of the 467 products at least 4 times. In some cases more. I suspect that there are errors. With your help I hope to find and correct them.

Soon, very soon, this task will be off my plate and I can quilt again! I just can hardly wait.

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