It’s all about the book…

I made a video about the Color book a little while back and then promptly forgot to post it. I need another me to keep up with social media :-). At any rate, here it is! Let me know what you think.

8 thoughts on “It’s all about the book…

  1. Well, it’s not as if you’ve been struggling to get your website redesigned, it’s amazing you’ve done anything else at all. Glad you rediscovered the video, the book looks quite good!


  2. Just left a review on Amazon. This book helped me understand why some of my color choices just didn’t work as I expected. Course it would have help if I had made/used a design wall/board. What a perfect book.


  3. Wow! That’s a book I’m gonna’ need. I’ve read a lot of books on color theory, and they’re great, but they seem to lend themselves more towards artists and painting. I’ve been looking for a book that relates more for quilters.


  4. I have been working harder this year to make my quilts more ” mine”. The biggest challenge has been breaking up those lovely fat quarter stacks and mixing up lines. I can already see my quilts are more interesting and less matchy, matchy. I am off to order…I thought I had preordered but I guess not! Thanks for video too!


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