3 ways to make easy applique templates…

On Wednesday’s Time Out, I showed 3 ways to make templates using peel and stick laminate, freezer paper, and heavy duty freezer paper. The templates are different enough from each other that you may use all of them in different situations.

Happy stitching!

Listen to a conversations about Hand Sewing and more…

I hope you enjoy listening to Roxane Cerda and me chat about handwork, thread, teaching online, the realities of staying sane and creative while at home, and much more!

Click here to listen to the podcast of our conversation. And here’s the cover of my new book, Hand Sewing, that will be out very, very soon. Sign up for my newsletter (link in the right sidebar) and you will know the minute that the book is available!

Show and Tell…

Joanne O sent me this photo of her Fresh Picked Posies. I love it!


Joanne says

…this was my first attempt at a full size hand appliquéd quilt…to prepare for this undertaking I watched your U- tube videos on the Piece of Cake Way for hand appliqué .  I found the pattern easy to follow & the larger pieces were great for a first go at hand stitching . It was machine quilted on a long arm by my friend Karen C. I am so pleased with how it turned out. …love love love this pattern. Thank you so much.

Joanne, you made a great quilt! Way to go, you!

Meet Lucy…

This is Lucy, who celebrated her 88th birthday on August 18 in my class at The Quilt Crossing in Boise. How cool is that!


The class worked on Pick-Up Sticks from The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color, learning how to make this improv block the easy way. Everyone had a great time, especially Lucy!

Some of Lucy’s Piece O’ Cake applique quilts were hanging in the classroom and it was so much fun to have them there. This is her version of Spectacular Spring from Applique Delights (still available as a downloadable ebook).


And this is Lucy’s version of Thru Grandmother’s Window, our first block of the month. The patterns are available as downloadable ePatterns.


Lucy and I agreed that it’s good to have a goal and we both want to be quilting into our 100s. That’s an excellent goal, don’t you think?!

Visiting the Hill Country…

Last Friday, Steve drove me to the Texas Hill Country to visit the Veriens Quilt Guild in Fredericksburg, the Hill Country Quilt Guild in Kerrville, and the Highland Lakes Quilt Guild in Marble Falls. The Hill Country is about 6 hours south of Sherman, sort of in the middle of Texas. (Texas is a big state.)

Here are the members of the Veriens QG waving hello to you at my lecture on Saturday.


The lecture was followed by the first half of a 6 hour class, which then carried over to Sunday. Steve and I had half the day Sunday to toodle around Fredericksburg where I found this wonderful tile floor in the kitchen store that is in the building that used to be the local hospital. It would make a nice applique quilt!


As we drove around town, I noticed something I don’t remember seeing before: road signs with interesting designs printed on the back. Here’s the front of one sign:

sign front

And here’s the back:

sign back

There are many of these signs around Fredericksburg and they sport different designs on their backsides. It’s a lovely attention to detail!

After 2 days with the Veriens QG, I lectured at the Hill Country Quilt Guild in Kerrville. I forgot to take a waving-hello picture, but I know those ladies would have happily waved to you.

After the lecture and lunch, Mary to me to an amazing quilt shop — Creations. I was too busy shopping to take pictures. If you had been with me, you would not have stopped for pictures either. I left with a big ziplock bag full of fat quarters and some interesting thread. You can only see part of what’s in my bag. What’s below is equally as interesting.


Creations puts purchases in ziplock bags. I’ve never seen this before but I’d love to encounter it again. It’s so very functional!

Steve has been busy carrying my bags and getting me where I need to be on time, fulfilling his job as sherpa. He’s also been hiking and visiting various sites. The Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg was something he didn’t know he’d enjoy, but he really has. He’s going back tomorrow while I teach. After class we head to Marble Falls for 2 more days.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, full of friendly people and interesting things to do and see. If you get the chance to visit, you should!