Answer the question, please…

When I filmed my episode for The Quilt Show, I was also asked several questions and was filmed as I answered. Several of you saw this quick video before I did. Click here to see me on the TQS site or you can watch below. I’m so happy that I came up with reasonable answers on short notice :-).

Members of The Quilt Show will be able to watch the new episode this August, in Episode 1704.

UPDATE: Several have asked about Edrica Huws. Doesn’t she look like someone you’d enjoy knowing?


I could write but honestly, you need to see photos of her most excellent work. Google ‘Edrica Huws’ and/or click here. I think the images will open for you. I’ve posted one of my favs below.



10 thoughts on “Answer the question, please…

  1. What an excellent set of off-the-cuff answers! Who knew that shredders were so dangerous??!! I’m off to google Edrica Huws. Thanks!


  2. I just love all your natural responses. I tried to look up Edrica, it’s too bad her books probably won’t be republished. It would be interesting to see her work.


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    • WOW! Edrica Huws was your grandmother! From looking at her work, I would assume that she was a very interesting woman. I hope you have at least some of her quilts. They are the best, ever.

      Please do click here to read about what’s new on my blog.



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