To market, to market…

I leave for Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis on Wednesday. Lorna is going too—it will be her very first market! I am looking forward to sharing the experience with her :-).

We’ve been consulting over what to wear. There are times when I wish I could just put on a business suit and call it done. And then I get over that. Men’s clothes may be easy, but they lack the wild variety available to women. Wild variety is nice.

Since I’ll be shopping for you, I have questions that only you can answer…

  • What would you like me to look for at market? I’m going to be on the lookout for applique-related notions but what else would you like to have available?
  • If I bought pretty packs of wool, would you buy it? Small pieces, or larger pieces?
  • Would you want wool that came with a pattern that I think is cute, but that is not a Piece O’ Cake pattern?
  • What about pincushions? If you are excited about pin cushions, do you want ones that are already made or do you want to make them from a kit?
  • There are lots and lots of fabric vendors available to you. I can’t compete with them but I thought I’d look for a few big prints that you might not find elsewhere. Is there something else that you can’t find that you think I should look for?

I’ll post to instagram while I’m away. I may post photos of different things to get your opinion. I’m sure you will feel free to tell me what you think :-).

And, because I can’t leave without adding a photo, here is strawberry glamour shot that I took this morning. My photo challenge homework this week is ‘red’. Strawberries are in season… what more can I say. I’ll have more strawberry photos uploaded to my smugmug page later today.

11 thoughts on “To market, to market…

  1. I’ve fallen in love with broderie perse. There just aren’t very many prints that would work with that. Please be on the look out for some. Thanks and have a great time!


  2. I’d like wool in beautiful colors. A cute kit would be great since I’m just getting the hang of working with wool. Also large prints sound interesting.


  3. I have started to collect the brighter wools for an applique wall hanging. The clear brighter wools are not as common as the primitive-looking wools. In cotton fabrics, I always like subtle low volume prints in the pastel colors. Enjoy your trip with Lorna.


  4. I’ve been looking for reproduction prints in green. Fat eight/charm packs/ layer cakes. Anything would be great. I am making a quilt with lots of stems and leaves and it is a nuisance that you always have to buy colors you don’t want since you have enough of them.
    Have a great time. I wish I could be there, too Birgitt


  5. I’m thinking smalls in either wool or cotton (kits)… they are affordable and quick and provide a great amount of happiness to the stitcher that has an overstuffed schedule, but LOVES to stitch! 🙂 Enjoy market!


  6. International fabrics? Something we can’t normally find easily. Kathy Doughty? Japanese? I love geometrics, as do you, so Scandinavian countries are a possibility as they often have bright geometrics.


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