Can you help this quilter?

UPDATE: Caron has found a pattern! Yay! So you can either read what I wrote or just skip down to the pretty picture :-).

I got an email from Caron who wrote:

Hi!  I bought this book (The New Applique Sampler) on, but did not notice until I received it, that it was a used book.  Of course, the pattern was not in it.  So disappointed.  I just watched your dvd of Teach You to Applique and wanted to start trying this!  I did check your website, but did not see the pattern for this one. Do you sell just the pattern so I can give this a try??
Thank you so much!!

Amazingly enough, I don’t have the printed copies of the patterns from that book—or from any of our out of print books. There’s only so much room in my house :-). I also don’t have the pattern in a downloadable format.

But the patterns in that book are nice and I would like to help. Caron said she would be very happy for me to post her email address along with her plea for the pattern pages. She said that even if someone has the pattern and could copy it for her, she would be happy to repay their expense.

If you can help, click to email Caron.

Important Side Note: In this case, I believe that it’s OK to make a copy of the patterns for her. She did buy the book in good faith. It is not the same as making copies of a pattern for all your friends so that they don’t have to buy a book—that would be copyright infringement.

And, because it’s pretty, I’m posting another strawberry photo. This is the one I turned in for my homework assignment—a photo on the color ‘red’.

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