Listening to stories…

I am working on a new quilt, cutting applique shapes and placing them on the design wall. This is a process that will take days. Longer, since I leave Monday for Nova Scotia to teach at the Mahone Bay Quilt Guild.

I like to listen to stories as I work so I went to the Radiolab site. I listened to a show about a woman whose heartbeat is really loud. It was very good but, warning, if you are one of those people who faint when you get a shot, this is not an episode to listen to when you are driving or operating a rotary cutter. Seriously. I didn’t find it disturbing at all, but then I can look at blood and get shots and not faint.

That same episode had an excellent story with Oliver Sacks. I suppose I should feel happy never to have needed to visit him in his office, but I would really like to know this man. It’s a good listen.

And then I listened to The Living Room. This story dovetails with my last post about talking to strangers except that this is about watching strangers. Specific strangers—on a daily basis. The narrator imagines their lives and gets it all wrong. I almost cried. This story has stuck with me and I think that most of you will be entranced.

Please note, sex is mentioned in a very upfront way in all of these stories, but sex is not the thing.


After listening to The Living Room, I am left with the knowledge that we all imagine what other peoples’ lives are like. And I think that we mostly get it wrong. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel humble, and more open to hearing what’s going on in other people’s lives.

3 thoughts on “Listening to stories…

  1. Becky, I completely relate to watching people and thinking about their profession, or something about their lives based on my observations. This is my airport time-passing activity. And I’m sure there are things in their lives that would break my heart or warm my heart depending on their story. We just never know. Thanks for the Radiolab site info. I’ve not been there – yet.


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