From Nova Scotia…

Steve and I are in Canada! We left Halifax this morning and drove mostly south. It was rainy (just like home) and gray. That made the colorful houses stand out even more. And, boy, are there a lot of colorful houses here!

This sign kept popping up. Reminded me of patchwork…


And we figured out the the key in the next sign might mean ‘museum’, but what’s up with the @ sign?


The forsythia is in bloom here. It bloomed at home weeks ago. I have to say that it is much happier here, up north.


And when was the last time you saw a teeter totter! It is unfortunate that we no longer have them in the states. I used to love teeter-tottering. I suppose that lawsuits made them go away. Canadians know how to live on the edge, right?


Speaking of living on the edge, here’s Steve tempting fate :-).


I must have taken 200 photos today. Amazingly enough, I went through them all, deleting the bad, cropping the good, adding some fixes in Photoshop. It took too long but I’m happy I did it today. I am always happy when I keep up with my photos. I know that if I don’t, I’ll have thousands that will just sit there on my hard drive taking up space.

Digital photos are cheap and easy to take, which makes it easy to let them pile up. But I have noticed that the really good shots, the ones that I go back to, the ones I add to my screensaver, the rare ones that I print—those are the keepers. It’s hard to delete the just-OK shots, but I do it. Daily.

16 thoughts on “From Nova Scotia…

  1. Interesting about that @ sign. In reading about Nova Scotia signs learned: The blue and white Tourist Attraction Symbol identifies minor tourist attractions near a 100-series highway exit, interchange or intersection, and displays an icon representing the type of attraction. So maybe that is for internet service. ?? You’re right – the key stands for museum. Such fun arm traveling with you. Love those houses.


  2. After living in upstate NY, my guess is the colorful houses are a lift to the spirits in the long, snowy, white winters and the @ must be related to wi-fi or the internet. Great photos – I loved how the teeter-totter was painted to match the dandelions.


  3. The colorful houses are just FUN! Love to see that in travels. We always called them see-saws as well and my MIL had one for years at their house in Texas for her kids, then grandchildren and the neighborhood kids. Our neighborhood park has one (not far from you in Flower Mound) that we take grandchildren to. So they are still around!


  4. Those colours originate from Scandinavia. You can find them on Iceland and Greenland, too.
    You can still find teeter totters in Germany. you can’t forbid all the risks, you have to learn how to handle them. And the @ sign does mean publicly accessible internet. I greatly appreciate you posts and pictures. Have a great day, Birgitt


    • Thank you, one and all. I love it when I learn new things. Honestly, I had not realized how much Scandinavian influence there was here, but it makes sense. And Iceland, too. All places I want to travel to, one of these days.

      I thought that the @ must be internet-related but I couldn’t figure out where to look for it. I’ve got my cell phone in non-data mode while we are out and about because of the international data charges. It is very odd not to be able to consult google on the fly, or post to instagram from anywhere. I’ve come to take the cellular access for granted and I miss it.

      We are about to head out for another day of exploring then back in the afternoon to get ready for tonight’s guild meeting. It’s going to be a lovely day all round. I hope you all have a good day ahead as well!




  5. If you travel near the Bay of Fundy, look for Deanne Fitzpatrick’s studio in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia ( She is an amazing artist… and writes one of two blogs I read daily, yours being the other. I went to Nova Scotia last summer, to Deanne’s studio, for two days of classes with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably, an experience to remember. I’m going back this October to the Newfoundland/Labrador FiberArts conference ( to study the combination of rug hooking/knitting/crochet with Diane Krys (, another extremely talented artist introduced to me via Deanne’s blog. It seems to be a hotbed of talent up there in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada!! Enjoy your time there…


    • I am looking at her blog now! It makes me wish I had time to add hooking to my life. I came close, once. I still have the hook (and it’s a nice one). All I need is time.

      We may make it to the Bay of Fundy. We’re stilling thinking about what to do Sunday on the way back to Halifax. I think we’ll stop to look at Peggy’s Cove. Beyond that, I’m not so sure. Steve, however, is seeing a lot while I’m teaching class. Lucky guy :-).



  6. I absolutely loved Nova Scotia. I think I took pictures of some of the same houses. ….and the hanging flower baskets! Dont miss a drive along the Cabot Trail……absolutely gorgeous, although you could skip going all the way to the northernmost point . One day when the weather was awful we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum….what a treat! I would go there rain OR shine. Are you going to PEI while you’re in the neighborhood? If so, I’d recommend Richards Seafood. It is a walk up shack, but one of my all time favorite meals out was a lobster roll, fish & chips, a bucket of mussels and an ice cold beer, eaten on the rooftop overlooking the water.


    • I don’t think we’ll make it to PEI. Wish there was time, but there you go. Steve is seeing more, since he’s out and about while I’m teaching. He’s even taking lots of pictures!



  7. My daughter has been in Bratislava for three months and I have received hundreds of just OK shots of things she sees and does…. She will be home next week and then we are going to delete the just ok shots! (wonderful phrase) and hopefully my phone will go back to being itself!

    Your color houses are great!


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