More from Nova Scotia…

We went out exploring on our 2nd day in Nova Scotia, which was actually a few days ago. I’ve been teaching for the Mahone Bay Quilters since then. It’s taken me this long to go through the photos and get them posted.

We went back toward Hirtle’s beach, through Lunenburg, along many of the same roads as the day before, but on this day it was clearer and not raining. We decided that stopping to take pretty-house-photos would slow us down too much so I did drive-by photos with my iPhone. I am surprised at how well they turned out.

Hirtle’s Beach is very pebbly/rocky. On the way into Canada I jokingly said that my suitcases were heavy but I didn’t have rocks in them. Can’t make that claim on the way home. Surely a baggie with pebbles won’t add that much weight…


We could not help but notice that there are many modern houses around Hirtle’s Beach. Look close and I’ll bet you spot the ‘Sliding House’ in the next photo. Click here for more info on it.

beckygoldsmith-TheRoad-18 copy

The ladies in my classes told me that most of these are summer homes and that there is some dispute over the fact that they have been built in a fragile ecosystem. But, putting all of that aside, I loved each and every one. If I could tear down my house and build again, I would build ‘modern’.

It’s interesting to note that ‘modern’ does seem to also be ‘colorful’, at least on the outside of these houses. That’s often true of the houses I see featured in Dwell magazine.

The hiking trail at Hirtle’s Beach takes you around Gaff’s Point. It was a very nice walk.

When we were in Lunenburg I took a nice photo of the big sailing ships with the colorful shops and houses behind. It is a place that poses well.

Lunenburg-Ships copy

Mahone Bay is a lovely town as well, I just didn’t take as many photos there. But I did take this shot of the 3 iconic and photogenic churches on the road into town. I lectured in the yellow church on the left and I taught 3 classes in the church on the right.


Sad to say that the congregations of these churches, like so many others in other parts of the world, are shrinking. It’s a real problem when a local church landmark does not have the money or people to keep it going. But that’s a whole other discussion.

My 52 Week Photo Challenge assignment this week was “the road”. It’s nice that I was in Nova Scotia, riding on so many photogenic roads, for this assignment. I posted my ‘road’ photos on this Smugmug page. Tomorrow we are going to see the Bay of Fundy. I hope to have more photos to share soon.

6 thoughts on “More from Nova Scotia…

  1. I love re-living my Nova Scotia vacation, via your posts. It was very rainy the day we were in Lunenburg, but I do remember all the pretty hanging flower baskets, and colorful houses. We stayed in a little B&B in Mahone Bay .It might even be in your picture, sandwiched between the churches.


  2. I love to share your trip with you. This is the way I would be travelling too. We once went up Hudson River and I took lots of pictures of those gigantic mansions there. Birgitt


  3. Wishing I could be back in Nova Scotia right now. Just in case nobody told you, the answer to your question: the @ sign means you can access wifi or internet, maybe in a hotel or restaurant or a library. Sorry the sun didn’t shine for your trip as it is breathtaking when the sun shines.


  4. Loved the photos of the colorful houses in Nova Scotia. That is one of the places I have always wanted to visit. Beautiful scenery, too. Thanks for sharing, Becky!


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