Piece O’ NYC: Internet Groceries and Meals

Do you have a favorite local grocery store? We don’t… In fact, we hate our grocery stores. We live close to Central Park, which inevitably means that a lot of people venture to our larger (and more preferred) grocery store to get picnic supplies and various other things. The other stores around us are great for different things, but never produce or meat, so we’re limited and/or make many stops. My husband is a superhero. Since we have to navigate the mass crowds, Jeff wakes up early on the weekends and battles through them to get us weekly supplies. After fighting through the crowds for years, even Jeff has had enough. So, now we order things from the internet. Not often, but often enough. Even that’s not perfect – online produce is often not good, you guys – but it’s a major improvement. And besides, hauling up cat litter boxes along with other heavy groceries by myself at peak elevator traffic time isn’t my favorite pastime.

FullSizeRenderWe get delivery from restaurants every once in a while (Seamless and Grubhub are decent resources), but we also order ready-to-make meals from Blue Apron. I’m not an avid spokesperson for this company (nor do I always like their recipes), but for those of you who hate thinking about what to make and/or can’t come to terms with your local stores, I recommend it. Jeff and I used to get into really silly arguments about what to make for dinner (we’re both indecisive) and this helped us avoid that sort of thing. The delivery box comes with ice packets to help keep your items chilled and we have a standard delivery time every Tuesday. Also, our groceries are atrociously high in the city, this is shockingly cheaper for us to use…



The back of the recipe cards have step by step instructions with images!

DSC_0024DSC_0026In a perfect world (or back home with my Momma), I could peruse aisles of groceries and enjoy a visit to a store (give me a Wegmans! Give me a Krogers! I don’t care, I used to love grocery shopping!), but not anymore. The times are a’changing and now we eat internet foods.


Love and happiness in the kitchen always makes a recipe extra delicious :P!

11 thoughts on “Piece O’ NYC: Internet Groceries and Meals

  1. I thought you were getting a Wegmans. I heard a story on NPR a couple weeks ago that all these New Yorkers were overjoyed that Wegmans was opening a store in Brooklyn. (Maybe that’s not where you live?). I grew up in upstate NY so I was spoiled by Wegmans and Tops. I would love either of those stores here in southern CA. If you get a Wegmans, llok for Bison foods like onion dip. It’s the best! We have nothing like it in CA.

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    • LOVE WEGMANS! We might be getting a Wegmans, but I haven’t heard people talk about it here yet. We were also supposed to get a Wal-mart…but that never happened. lol. And if it’s in Brooklyn (which is definitely most likely), I’ll probably never go since it’ll take me almost hour or so each way to get there. 😦 We live in Manhattan on the Upper West Side.


  2. We have been doing Blue Apron for almost two years now and love it for all the reasons you mentioned. The food is fresh, different and tasty plus we have learned great cooking techniques I also find I don’t end up throwing out food I thought we would eat during the week and so my regular grocery bill is much smaller. It has been great, we are big fans in Michigan.

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  3. Thank you for your comments on internet foods and pictures on preparation of home delivery meals. I have wondered how people navigate a small kitchen such as yours. Yours is very attractive with what you have done for display/storage. Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed your posts. Should take some tips from you to unclutter my Texas-sized kitchen.

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    • Aww, thanks! It’s really small, so the best way to keep it uncluttered for us, is to never buy things to clutter it to begin with. The kitchen is also Jeff’s ‘domain,’ so if he doesn’t approve of something in it, the item is usually in the trash within hours…lol. I’ve also taken to heart what Becky recently wrote about and only keep things that bring me joy in general because we live in literally 2.5 rooms. Maybe I’ll post something about our tiny space and keeping it clean. Navigating our apartment in general can be a hassle overall, lol.


  4. This post is so interesting and ‘foreign’ to me……I live in a very small community with only one small grocery store and no option for having fresh ‘internet’ food delivered. I guess I am the lucky one because there is adequate choice and not very long lines….although we complain if there are more than 2 people ahead of us and of course the prices are always too high. Thanks for the insight…enjoy your meals, however you manage to get them.

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  6. I intended to order 1 copy of Spring Wheels and 1 copy of Magan’s something. Can’t remember the name. Can you straighten this out, please. Thanks, ab


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