From the Big Island of Hawaii…

We spent the day hiking, looking for birds and looking at nature. It was fun and it’s late so I’m not writing much, just sharing photos :-).


We started with the Pu’u O’o Trail hike, which starts off of the Saddle Road. It’s not a long hike, lots of stopping for photos and looking for birds, and taking photos of people (Steve and Keith) looking for birds.

Of the nearly 200 photos that I took today, only a few turned out well. I’m still working on manual focus, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Maybe, by the end of my 52 Week Photo Challenge class, I’ll be much better. As it is, I’m happy with the photos that did turn out well and the rest are gone!



This next one cracks me up… who is looking at what?

beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-1-52In the afternoon (after lunch at Sompat’s Thai in Hilo) we went to Volcano National Park and did the Pu’u Hulu Hulu trail this afternoon.


That’s Amanda, sitting next to a broken lava dome.


This is a spent Ohi’a Lehua blossom. I’ll have more of these later on.beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-1-34

Amanda got a nice picture of me—many thanks to Amanda! I don’t look as bad in the hat as I imagined that I did!


This is a branch from an Ohi’a Lehua tree. The look of the tree changes depending on where they are. I am doing my best to take interesting pictures that are in focus and not over or under exposed, manually. I love it when it works!


We saw several rainbows today and this one, on the way back to our rental house, made us stop to take pictures. The ends of the rainbow were both in the crater. So cool!


I hope to post more photos tomorrow. I hope that you are enjoying your life right now as much as we are :-).

9 thoughts on “From the Big Island of Hawaii…

  1. Beautiful photos! You were lucky to have such warm weather there. My husband and I have had to put our woolies on both of the times we were there in summer. Keep those photos coming!


  2. I love your photos. They remind me of our visit to Hawaii. We did exactly the same trails. Were you able to drive all around the crater? We weren’t because of the dangerous sulphurous gases.
    I love Hawaii. If it hadn’t been such a long journey, 26 to 30 hours one way, I would go there every year. Please continue!


  3. Wow! I love the subject matter of your pictures, such a nice variety! Those pictures are so focused & clear that I feel like I’m right there with you! Thank you Becky for sharing & for taking me along today with such great pictures!


  4. Wonderful photos! Isn’t digital photography wonderful, since you can just send the ones that didn’t turn out to the trash?! You look great in the hat!
    We’ve never been to the big island. We’ve gone to Maui several times & Kauai once. Spent an unscheduled night in Honolulu our 1st trip to Maui because of a disabled plane on the runway. From Maui, we’ve seen the vog from the big island several times…


  5. I have been re-living some of my favorite vacations with you this year. First Nova Scotia, and now Hawaii. Keep those photos coming. I loved the Big Island (and Mauii, and Kauai…..) Savor every minute, and eat lots of pineapple and papaya. It just doensnt taste the same on the mainland!


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