Trapper, not keeper…

I have 2 cats and love them 95% of the time. Steve tolerates the same 2 cats. Needless to say we are not in the market for any more cats. There has been a small black cat hanging around for a while and we found out a couple of weeks ago that she had had 4 kittens, under our neighbor’s shed. This neighbor is rarely home as really does not like animals.


Another neighbor and I tried to coax out the mama and kittens with food, water, and a lot of ‘here kitty kitty’s’. We got close, but not close enough to catch any of them. Luckily I am married to a field biologist with access to live mammal traps.

The first evening we caught 3 kittens—1 per trap. Overnight I caught another kitten—and a possum. The possum was not part of the plan. Steve had to go to work so I was in charge of releasing the possum and setting up the trap again, in hopes of catching the mama cat.

I should have taken a picture of ‘my’ possum, but I was too focused on letting it go without incident. My possum was not this cute—this one looks friendly!


My possum looked a little more like this, less friendly. He was a little more scarred on his face as if he was a fighter. I wore gloves.


Luckily, possums are nocturnal and he was not moving all that fast. I had to sort of shake him out of the cage. We were both relieved when that was over.

The kittens hung out for the day in the traps/cages where I gave them frequent attention. I set up the larger trap and, in a few hours, caught the mama cat (again, no picture—what was I thinking?).


This morning we took them to the animal shelter. They are really cute and I hope they get adopted, but no matter what, the world doesn’t exactly need more feral house cats. I know that sounds harsh, but being homeless is not good for the cats, or for the birds and other animals that they snack on.


Surely these guys will find a home. If you are local, maybe you need a kitten! Click here for the Sherman Animal Shelter info.

9 thoughts on “Trapper, not keeper…

  1. You are so nice to do that! We use “Have a Heart” traps to catch the occasional bunny that gets into our fenced yard. My hubby takes them out to the outdoor campus and sets them free.:-)


  2. So glad you got the mama too! The birds of sherman will be much longer lived without her trying to survive on her own. Hope she can be rehabilitated & spayed, so she can have a happy life with a loving family!


  3. My summer event with a trap yielded three possums, three cats and three with the food eaten but trap not sprung. I took the trap back at that point even though I KNOW there are more possums under the shed. Summer temps will do that to one. Will no doubt try again in November. Great work on seeing the project to completion.


  4. Good job getting them trapped and delivered to the local animal shelter. We have 3 cats now because some evil person dumped a pregnant cat 3 years ago and she had 2 kittens under our wisteria bush. (At least we know 2 lived). We fed the starving mother, bought kitten and cat food and made sure they were given their shots and altered as soon as was possible. I did not WANT cats. I am allergic. But I could not find a shelter in our area that would take them, I had not cages to trap them and I was willing to try. Eventually I moved them into the laundry room and after time they got the run of the house. Looking back it was the right thing to do. I have to run off the strays that now venture into the back yard and use caution when I feed the cat that lives outdoors. I try to keep the possums out of her dish and her house and bedding!


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