Autumn photo challenge…

My friend, Catherine, and I are both taking Ricky’s 52 Week Photo Challenge. This week the challenge is ‘autumn’. What a great excuse to go to the Dallas Arboretum! Let me just say, they have the most amazing array of pumpkins, gourds, and autumn flowers on display. Every year, it gets better.

Catherine took this photo of me :-).

Catherine took this photo of me :-).

For me, the photography challenge was to choose the correct aperture and to manually focus. I had to cull many photos, but there were a surprising number of good ones in the group. We also learned some new editing tricks in Lightroom this week that I am very happy to know.

Of the 209 photos I took, I think these are my best choices. Of these, I have several favorites. I’d love it if you let me know which photo you think says ‘Autumn’ AND is also a good photo—in focus, framed well, overall just a nice composition. I thank you in advance the time you spend doing this :-).

FYI: Click on the photo galleries to see bigger photos. Look for the right and left arrows to scroll through the gallery.

I took a lot of street-scene-with-pumpkin photos. We went on mother and baby/little kid day. The children were decked out to be photographed with the pumpkins and adults were snapping away like crazy. There were also a lot of adults without children in tow (like us) who were there to soak up a beautiful day.

This is a yearly display at the Arboretum. Right now the pumpkins are firm and looking good. As they sit out in the sun, and later, after we begin to get overnight freezes, they get soft and tired. The display ends at Thanksgiving, but by then they are well past their prime. If you are nearby, now is definitely the time to go!

14 thoughts on “Autumn photo challenge…

  1. My favorite is 68, my husbands is 61. I enjoy your pics. My husband wants to know what kind of camera you have and what software you use???

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    • I have a Nikon D-90. I use the 18-200mm lens most often. And I use the newest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. If he’s a camera buff, he should consider this class. It is just amazing. Starts again in January.


  2. I really love the photo #2 of the boy in the pumpkin patch. He seems to be having so much fun. And the composition is very professional. Great color, nice with the pumpkins and boy in sharp focus with the background greenery less so. My second choice is $68. The giant pumpkin is just perfectly photographed, and the other shapes and colors add a lot. Nice work!!
    I’ve been to the Dallas Arboretum on Halloween and that is really fun, the kids get treats if they dress in costume, and many of them do. Marvelous!


  3. I love 48 — it’s autumn and looks like the autumn of that woman’s life. Love it !! (although I must say they’re all good !!)


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