Rocky Mountain highhhhhhh….

I had a completely wonderful time at the Colorado Quilting Council fall retreat. Many quilters (including me) enjoyed spectacular views of the Black Forest from the The Hideaway. The ladies were enthusiastic and excellent company, the place is great, the food is good. If you have an opportunity to go to this retreat, you should!

I taught Pickup Sticks, a pieced quilt from The Quilters Practical Guide To Color. It is both an easy and tricky quilt design. Once you get it, it’s really easy… but getting it takes concentration. Everyone in the room was up for the challenge and made progress. I didn’t take enough photos, but you can see that what was going on in the classroom.

I also taught an applique class. I don’t have time in an applique class to take pictures so you just have to imagine the fun :-).

We were above 7,000 feet. By the 3rd day I could really tell that I had to breath a whole lot more than I do at home. Morning walks were out of the question. I like air in my air! I got home this morning and I can say the Sherman, TX, may not have scenic mountains and dry, crisp air, but it has a lot more oxygen. Yay, oxygen!


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain highhhhhhh….

  1. I love the mountains! It has been about 20 years since I have been to Colorado and I am sure I would return to Texas and say Yay, oxygen!


  2. makes you wonder how long it takes people to adapt to living up that high !!! At least they don’t need flood insurance, do they?


    • Unfortunately, Mary Ellen, we do need flood insurance. In Sept. of 2013, we got a year’s worth of moisture over a period of 3 to 4 days & had devastating flooding in the canyons & at the edge of the foothills & then it all flowed downstream & caused lots of havoc on the plains. Unfortunately, flood insurance doesn’t pay for much that is below grade & that’s where most of the damage was. FEMA said they don’t want to encourage people to have finished basements in flood plains, but our house wasn’t in a flood plain when built, & it was built as a raised ranch, with 2 of the 4 bedrooms & the family room & a bath in the basement. Rebuilding took a good portion of our retirement savings! We live in Boulder, by the way.


  3. I heard at our CQC Board meeting last night that Spring Retreat was a hit with everyone! Thanks for breathing our thin air for a few days!


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