From Houston…

I’m in Houston for Quilt Market. My friend, Catherine, came with me. She’s not a quilter (yet) so this is an adventure!

Work begins tomorrow but today we had time to go to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. It was fabulous!


We walked through this tunnel between buildings several times. It was way cool. 

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye…  

A woodcut by Alex Katz (above) And this by Jonathan Borofsky (below). 

There was a special Mark Rothko exhibit that I really enjoyed. This yellow one was my favorite… 


The red (above) and black (below) also made me happy. 

There was a Shadow Monster interactive exhibit. That’s me! 


And there’s Catherine! It was so much fun the make these giant shadows on the wall!

After the museum we checked into the hotel and then went to the convention center to get our badges and to walk around the park across the street. It has grown into a lovely space. 


Catherine spotted these lovely reflections on the walk back to the hotel. 


More tomorrow!

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