Quilts from the big show…

The quilt show side of the International Quilt Festival is amazing. So many quilts to see! And I only had 1 hour to see them! I didn’t take many photos but if you search social media I suspect you will find hundreds of pictures.

If you go, you will find quilts that were entered into the judged show and exhibits with different kinds of quilts. This quilt hangs near the front and I love it! It is called Daisies and Dogwoods by Fiona Lindsay from Australia. It is hanging in the In Full Bloom exhibit sponsored by Prym Consumer USA, Inc.


Vermeer Meets Fassett by Lynn Czaban is just lovely. It is a small quilt entered in the judged show.


There were several applique quilts entered into the judged show that were just stunning. I didn’t have a good way to get a good picture of the whole quilt. In most cases the detail shots are better. (FYI: Winners won’t be announced until Wednesday evening.) This is Magnolia by Fusako Takido. Isn’t it great!


My Sweet House with Kirara by Ayako Kawakami is another amazing quilt. I didn’t pay close enough attention but I think both of these are from the Handmade category.


Ben’s Midnight Garden by Barbara Korengold is another quilt that is both lovely and masterfully sewn.


So many quilts have details that are beautiful. The piecing and subtle applique in Where Love Goes by Miyuki Hamara work so well together.


I really loved the simplicity of Little Farm On The Prairie by Enid Weichselbaum. The quilting adds so much to what is already a great design.


The quilts in the different exhibits are not part of the judged show but are just as much fun to look at! There is an exhibit of the quilts from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern. This one, Deconstruction, is one of Victoria’s own quilts.


The antique quilt exhibit was also fun to tour…


Click here to go to the Quilt Festival home page. I suspect that you’ll find a link to the list of winning quilts there by Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Quilts from the big show…

  1. Thank you for that peak at some of the quilts that interested you. Some of us are not able to get to the show but can enjoy it vicariously through your, and others, eyes.


  2. What a wonderful surprise to see a photo of my quilt, “Ben’s Midnight Garden”, in your blog! Thank you so much. I received an email in September that the quilt is a winner in it’s category, which is a huge thrill. I’ll be checking on Wednesday morning to see which prize I’ve won.


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