This is me…

All of my author pictures, my driver’s license, and my passport, show a short-haired me. But this is me, now.


I’ve been growing my hair for about 10 months. I took this (quick) self-portrait for my 52 Week Photo Challenge class. I didn’t spend enough time on the assignment because we spent most of last week in NYC with Jeff. I didn’t want to spend time taking a picture of myself during our visit! But this photo does show me as I am now.

I need a new author photo for a book. Do you think this will work? Trust me when I tell you that the black and white version is better than the color version.

29 thoughts on “This is me…

  1. I noticed your hair was longer in the NYC photos–didn’t recognize you at 1st! If you think you can get a better photo for your author photo, you should just take another. I heard you got a nifty new camera @ Mike’s camera when you were visiting CO for CQC’s Fall Retreat!


  2. I think it’s fine. By the time the books are being sold you may have gotten your hair cut or let it grow longer. When I had to get a new license two years ago I was worried about them asking me about my weight which is, unfortunately, much more now than it was in 1985 when I first filled out the original paperwork. They took my photo which clearly shows silver/gray hair. Then I passed the eye test snd moved over to the last stop before I was done. The clerk there looked at the info. and photo on his screen and asked me if I wanted to change my hair color. As I paused and wondered if I’d ever try dying my hair again, he said you don’t have to change it, you can still have it be “brown”. I agreed and said it might as well say brown as if I dyed my hair, I thought I’d be a red head.


  3. I like your hair so much, good for you to stay patient for ten months. I, too,
    would love to see a little bit of a smile like you usually have.


  4. I think this would be an excellent photo for your new books. You really haven’t changed much since I met you — I think it was 2006 or whenever you taught at the Consortium show in Syracuse, NY. Take care of the foot and enjoy the season!


  5. As my mother-in-law would say, “It looks like you when you look that way.” I think it is a very good picture. You do good work!


  6. Hi Becky, I really enjoy your blog.  There are many days you put a smile on my face. 

    Your question “Do you think this will work? ”

    Your face is out of focus as the focal plane is on your hand and cup–drawing the eye away from your face and resting on the cup .  Since this is a photo you need for publication, it would be better if you re-shoot it.   The quilt is a good backdrop, but would be better if you created more  distance b etween you and the quilt.  That would provide more separation from figure to ground and a nicer depth of field change.   Right now,  the vines and leaves s eem to be growing from your shoulders–this is because you are too close to the backdrop.   The black and white is  good.  Eyes always need to be tack sharp in a portrait, so the focus is best on your eyes.  Consider the crop between the top and second snap on the jacket as I imagine you are taking this at home and space may be an issue.

    Hope this is helpful.  The photo should reflect as much care as you put into your work.


    • Hi Laura:

      Yes, these are all good suggestions—thank you! I was pressed for time when I took this photo but I think next week, when I can move a little better, I should be able to spend more time with it. Getting the focus right is indeed hard because you can’t be both in front of and behind the camera at the same time which makes it a very interesting challenge.



  7. I have to admit, when I saw the picture of you and Steve in NYC I asked myself who that woman next to him was. 🙂 You look great, but different. I like the photo.


  8. Love the photo and the black and white is great, but might suggest cropping it to exclude some of the distraction in the lower part of the photo. Doubt I could take a photo of myself that is this good.


  9. Oh, Becky; it HAS to be in color! You’re all about color. Your quilts are all about color. You wrote THE book about color. So if you don’t like this one, take another. I don’t know if it’s the b&w or what, but, to me, it doesn’t convey your spark. Bigger smile, a tip of the head or chin to the right or left… A twinkle in the eye. That’s more YOU! And did I mention color??? 🙂


  10. I can see where this photo looks better in B&W than in color. The purpose of this one is to highlight you, not your quilt. That lovely quilt would just soak up all the attention in color. It would detract from the twinkle in your eye, your nice new hairstyle, and your grin – love that grin, don’t change it! It has been fun to follow your photography experiences this year, wonder what fun things you will do in 2016?


  11. Did not read all the comments, but was missing the Becky with “life” in the picture. Sort of flat.. really is flat and you have zip …. so I would go with a different one…. maybe one your husband takes….


  12. Good polished first effort. Nice quality black and white, but I like your big smile and teeth and red lipstick with your dark hair! Your combo in sort of girl next door Mary Tyler Moore–to me. Very appealing. I loved your short hair–made your face light up and sparkle but I love this length of hair too.


  13. You are very attractive and your hair fits your face. I like your smile. It looks like you have been up to mischief !!. I hope so!. I want to thank you again, for my Christmas present!!


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