Show and tell… my Mom’s Welcome to the North Pole!

My mom began this quilt in May of 2012. The finished quilt went on her wall a couple of weeks ago…


Mom chose some fabric from my stash and then I brought more fabric. I offered to give her ‘help’ but she was very happy do make this on her own. She did it her way and it’s perfect!

The top was finished in time for it to hang on her wall last year, un-embellished. I quilted it this summer and she spent the following weeks adding embellishments. Can you tell that my mom really likes sequins :-)?


None of this was easy for her. She struggled with her glasses, arthritis and neuropathy in her fingers. Threading the needle and dealing with the little sequins and beads was a challenge—but she did it! Click the arrows on the slideshow, below, to see more of the blocks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have I said that I’m proud of my mom for sticking with this? I am! It has a folk art vibe that just can’t be beat. Way to go, Mom!


28 thoughts on “Show and tell… my Mom’s Welcome to the North Pole!

  1. This gives me inspiration! I have RA and my hands are my main problem, especially when I’m doing applique. I love her design. I hope you are sharing these comments with her, as I’d like to tell her this. Thanks for sharing, Becky.


    • Yes, I’ll be sure mom reads the comments :-).

      You know, the thing I’m most proud of is that she refused to be intimidated by comparing her appliqué with mine. Applique is an individual sport—it’s not a competition. No matter the physical limitations, there is usually a way to sew pieces of fabric together by hand. That’s what appliqué is in its most basic form. So absolutely don’t let your RA stop you :-).



  2. I love her choice of fabrics, and the rickrack, and the sequins, and the beard on the elf – well, I just love this quilt. Congratulations to your mom for sticking with it and for creating a masterpiece.


  3. Awesome job–who doesn’t like a little bling at Christmas! I entered my sequin and glitter stage at age 55, so I think it’s wonderful!


  4. Thanks for sharing your mom”s quilt/ It only took three years and with all those sequins and RA, she DID GOOD!!!!!


  5. Every inch of her quilt makes me so happy!! I can’t pick a favorite part because I love everything lol!! But if I had to choose which house to live in I think I’d live in the Candy Cane Cottage!! Your Mom rocks!


  6. Such a cheerful, happy version of this quilt. Your Mom did a great job and it just sings with her personality. And that’s what we all want from our projects too.


  7. So happy you shared this quilt – timing is everything! I’ve just finished with cataract surgery on both eyes so can easily identify with your mom’s “glasses” obstacle in making this quilt. Between the fabrics she used and the sparkle of the sequins, I don’t know which I like best – it’s simply outstanding. Clearly the talents runs in the family!


  8. “The apple does not fall far from the tree”. Her work is amazing as is her vision. This is just beautiful – you can really take a trip with your eyes and get a bit lost in the stories each square has. I’ll bet she created lots of stories in her head while she worked on it.


  9. Becky, I’m jealous. I started this quilt over two years ago and still not finished it. Your mom is inspiring me to “get to it”. I only hope I’ll still be quilting when I’m her age. Kudos!


  10. Thank your Mom for the inspiration to just keep on keeping on. It is about the process and your Mom’s quilt and determination is a good reminder!


  11. Every stitch was made with grit, determination and great love. It IS perfect…and perfectly full of your mom’s bling. I love it.


  12. The best part of this for me is to see how cute it looks even though it is not sewn picture perfect like Becky would do. I’m always so hung up on perfection and seeing this version makes me realize that even if it is bit wonky it still looks great! Love it!


  13. An inspiration to us all! Just shows you what can be achieved with determination! A piece of work to be proud of and a lovely heirloom in years to come! Well done!


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