You never know what you’ll see if you just look…

I stayed in San Clemente while visiting the Surfside Quilt Guild and my hotel was just a mile from the beach. The one mile walk down to the beach was very nice, the uphill mile back to the hotel was good exercise :-).

I walked to pier for the last time Wednesday morning and took photos of seagulls because I think they are cute.


They look like birds with an interesting attitude… sort of nonchalant and friendly. And these guys were posing for me so I got closer…


Close enough to notice that their tails are dotted!


Who knew! And once you notice the dots, don’t don’t you think that they pull the black and white color scheme of the feathers together? Nature is just jam-packed with little quirky details.



5 thoughts on “You never know what you’ll see if you just look…

  1. Dear Becky, I took the day off to hear you speak at Surfside. You were so good and I loved the apps you suggested! Thank you. I am going to really enjoy using the two books I now have .
    The pier is one of my favorite places to go for sunset dinners. I do post some good photos on my Facebook pages often. Patricia Mayer. Been quilting for twenty years now….Thanks again.


  2. I’ve always loved seagulls cause, let’s face it, they live at the ocean and the sound of the waves is magical – so is a walk on the beach! Never got close enough to see the white spots on the bottom tails. Great photos!


  3. Seagulls are nice until they swoop down and steal your wallet,…or your sandwich. Yep, happened to two different members of my family in two different states. They’re a thieving lot!


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