A tiny bit of Salt Lake City…

I am in Salt Lake City for Quilt Market. I got here before lunch and I didn’t have any place in particular that I needed to be, so I decided to do a little bit of walking around. I found a terrific grocery store (Harmons). It made me wish I needed more than yogurt and Kombucha.

Salt Lake City’s downtown is very walkable and the weather was beautiful. Here are some of the things I saw this afternoon:


These windows are like a fun-house mirror. If you look closely, just to the left of center, you can see an open door on the back side of the building shining through the front glass.


This sculpture is attached to a light pole but, thanks to Photoshop, he appears to be floating in space. I sat on the sidewalk to take this picture in my white pants—Salt Lake is a very clean city! You can see me reflected in the faceplate; the curvature makes me look farther away than I was.


The bikes are very tempting. If I had more free time, I’d figure out how to rent one.

Tomorrow Quilt Market festivities begin. It is great to see old friends and to make new ones! I’m looking forward to 3 busy days full of quilt-y goodness :-).

3 thoughts on “A tiny bit of Salt Lake City…

  1. I love that astronaut picture – I had to zoom way in to see you sitting on the ground taking the picture! Also SLC, which I’ve only driven through on the way to a meeting, looks very cool. Love the manhole cover… the beehive state, busy as bees, quilter-bees this week!


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