Tell me what you think…

You shop online. (Maybe not every one of you shops online, but most of you.) When you shop, do you read the reviews? I do which is why I feel a little stupid for taking so long to make it possible for you to leave reviews on the products at

I know why it took so long, but that is a long and involved story that you are not interested in. The point is that now you can leave reviews on all of our books, patterns ,and all of the stuff that you might have purchased at

I’d love it if, when you have time, you would click away and let me and others know what you think about the individual books and patterns you care about. I hope that it’s all good, but even if it isn’t, that’s OK. Reviews need to be honest to be helpful.

To write a review, start at and click to find the items you’d like to review. Scroll to the bottom and look for the link to write a review.

Thank you very much!


4 thoughts on “Tell me what you think…

  1. I have NEVER had a problem with an order from you. I am a huge fan and whenever I place an order I get it very quickly and it’s all there and wonderful !!


  2. I definitely read reviews on stuff I’m not very familiar with–such as the LED light kits I purchased for my sewing machines last year. What a great addition for sewing in my basement which I do mostly at night, but even in the daytime there is not much natural light.


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