Ferris wheels…

I do like round things, including Ferris wheels. It was easy to see the structure of this one at the State Fair in Boise when it was lit by the sunlight.


When the sun went down and the lights came on, the Ferris wheel was lovely.


We walked past it several times and each time I took pictures.




6 thoughts on “Ferris wheels…

  1. You took some lovely pics. I don’t think I’ve ever been so terrified as I was the first time I was on a Ferris wheel. I cried and screamed and nearly wet myself…and will never willingly ever get on another one. But I love to look at them. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Isn’t it funny how we’re drawn to a particular shape? I seem to be drawn to pear shapes. But I love any geometric shape… and repeating shapes… like dotted fabric or chevrons or squares…

    These are beautiful pictures of the ferris wheel!


  3. Wonderful pictures, as always. I was just a little bit sad as I hoped you would give instructions as how to make a Ferris Wheel quilt…..


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