Let’s be nice…

I was out with my camera yesterday and spotted this sign. It made me think.


I have this to say about the election: I know who I voted for, I don’t know who you voted for, and I don’t want to know because I want us all to stay friends.

Many of the people I know and love are voting for the other person, but I will not let politics come between me and my friends and family. People are more important than politics.

Some of you may want to tell me I’m wrong (in all caps) but let me ask you this: When talking about politics, have you changed anyone’s mind? I have not and I’m going to stop trying. No matter who wins, I expect that life as we know it will go on.

Now I’m going to quilt, be happy, and stop worrying about things I cannot control. I hope you can do the same :-).

32 thoughts on “Let’s be nice…

  1. Well said! I wish everyone would read and heed your comments. Aside from the constant political TV ads, I can hardly stand to look at Facebook any longer. I am not interested in anyone else’s political opinions, insights, or so called humor!!


  2. Bravo Becky! Very well said! I think the same as you do and thank you for stating this on your blog for so many to read and think about!


  3. I was a peace corps volunteer in my youth and spent my professional life working for and with downtrodden groups of wonderful people. Now older i quilt and sew charity items and raffle quilts for causes i care about. My present husband reminds me often that i really didnt change the world and to quit stressing over all this. I really cant….but your words give me hope.


  4. Amen, Becky. I absolutely agree with you. Thank you for sharing with us. What are you going to make? I’m going to start a quilt for our best friends. They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!!!!


  5. Amen…. totally agree with you
    But please to everyone….please vote….you really can’t complain about anything if you don’t vote…..
    Back to quilting……


    • Susan you are so right. We have to vote or someday we will lose our rights to vote. I plan to be Johnny On The Spot that day,( I will vote).

      Becky, I’ll be sewing on Tuesday too, after I vote. I’m making “Star Dance” by Jill Finley. Have fun on Celia’s gift.


  6. That’s very good advice for all of us. I’m going to work on my “Twenty Five” challenge for my Galveston guild. We are celebrating our 25th year this year! Enjoy your project!


  7. I’m trying to figure out what the sign in the picture has to do with the subject of your blog? It looks like it says something about a telephone cable? Just wondering how that inspired the “no talking about politics” subject?


  8. Amen. Love the photo–choose pastoral peace or prickly fence and warning signage.

    I have harnessed this election atmosphere that had me at 6’s and 7’s, into closet demo. I haven’t moved this quickly in 20 years, which is why my closets are so full. And, I’ve started this several times, Con Marie style…Now I have some roomy, orderly closets. Who knew? But, all things to the good…

    When our adult children stopped by during demo, they said “Go Mom!” And as my husband watched me before leaving for work each day he said, “Try to pace yourself.” But honestly, it felt amazing!

    Now, today, perhaps I will continue machine sewing about a million leaves onto my latest quilt top with my beautiful Bernina 880.


  9. I am not sure when who we supported became public information. Guess I thought that was why the ballot was secret. I will be glad when this whole thing is over. We get 4-6 survey calls per day that we do not answer or reply to. I feel that who is vote for is not anyone elses business, so I applaud your stance on the issue. We live in a state that has a very strong party identification, so if you do not belong to that party, there is a lot of animosity directed toward you about certain issues. In my applique group we had a rule that we did not discuss politics or religion and we all got along fine. It is too bad that some people feel the need to take their anger out on others who do not agree with them. Love your newsletter and insights. Thanks for your generosity in sharing. Penny


  10. I will be at my crazy quilting class – will vote when hubby gets home from work and we can go together. And I’ll hope to find out who’s president tomorrow AM. As long as there are no more election adds and phone calls, I’m a happy camper!


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