Learning new things…

I’m home from visiting 4 lovely guilds in the greater Kansas City area. I lectured and taught all day and into the evening for 3 days. I enjoyed all of the people I met and I hope they enjoyed me.

Because I was working so much, I missed much of the news coverage of the election. No talking heads, no in-depth analysis, I got the results. I was surprised, as you may have been, because the polls were so wrong. (Note to self: Ignore polls in the future.)

I’m not going to veer into a discussion of politics. Donald Trump was legally elected. He’s our president. I truly, sincerely, want him to be a good one. Our fates are tied to his — how can we wish the worst for him?

Lastly, I had an opportunity to visit with a woman who voted differently than I did. It was wonderful to have a conversation without rancor. Neither of us butted in with ‘well, but….” We had a series of conversations over the course of the day and I am better for it. I believe that most of the people in our country are good at heart and will, when exposed to hate, speak up in favor of love and tolerance.

I have been guilty of thinking that if those on the ‘other side’ knew what I did, they would surely think differently. That’s wrong because we each view the world from a different perspective. Understanding our differences is the first step toward figuring out how to live together in peace. I am going to seek out people who think differently than me and who are willing to have a friendly conversation about the issues.

Tomorrow Steve and I will clean house (because it’s Saturday), and work in the yard (because we can’t ignore it any more). I need to work on the computer and then, if I am very lucky, there will be time to work on the quilt I am in the middle of quilting. In short, it will be a normal weekend day… I can’t wait!

Fall, Kansas City, 2016

Fall, Kansas City, 2016


7 thoughts on “Learning new things…

  1. It is heartening to me to see that all, and I do mean all, the quilty blogs I follow are talking about love and understanding, if they mention the election at all, in the wake of this blistering campaign. Restores my faith in humankind, particularly of the quilty variety. Thank you for being one of them.


  2. Thanks again Becky for your refreshing perspective. We all come from different life experiences which naturally give us a different view on everything. When I realized that my brother and sister had a totally different perception of a shared family event, I learned that lesson. May we all be kind, respectful and open minded!!


  3. Excellent and I agree with you, too. We may believe in different political ideas, but I do believe basically we all want the same things. I, too, am hopeful that Mr. Trump grows into the position and does really well.
    And, I’ll also be cleaning the home with my husband tomorrow – laundry – a little baking for my quilt group on Sunday – and hopefully a little time to sew!


  4. Well we were kinda screwed either way so I guess it was a toss up on who we disliked the most. And the other won. Im rather surprised that so many folks are well…surprised. Quilt on! 🙂


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