Thanksgiving in NYC, 2016

Steve and I are visiting Jeff for Thanksgiving again this year. It could easily become a tradition. We take a laid back approach to viewing the Macy’s parade. We only watch parts of it, from a distance because we all like the balloons the best.

Macy's Parade 2016

Macy's Parade 2016

Macy's Parade 2016 - Street Vendor

Macy’s Parade 2016 – Street Vendor

Watching the Macy's Parade 2016

Watching the Macy’s Parade 2016

I couldn’t resist the shot when I noticed myself perfectly positioned in someone else’s camera as they were preparing to take a selfie

Steve and Becky - tree hugging at Lincoln Center

Steve and Becky – tree hugging at Lincoln Center

I must not be paying attention when I look in the mirror because I keep expecting to see my younger self in pictures. Everybody else looks great so I’m just going to assume that I do too. And so do you so smile for those pictures.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in NYC, 2016

  1. You do look great! And even though I’m only 150 miles north of NYC, I’ve never gone down for the parade. Much easier to watch it on TV !!!


  2. I keep wondering why it looks like Celia & Jeff are bundled up tightly against the cold, while it looks like you & Steve are not so cold–open jacket, scarves looser around the neck… Around here, it seems the younger folks are the ones dressing like it’s warm outside when it’s not, & we older folks are bundled up because we get cold so quickly these days!


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