A new look Thru Grandmother’s Window…

Linda has been busy updating our what was our very 1st block of the month, Thru Grandmother’s Window. Isn’t it beautiful!


Linda also made the original 12-block quilt in 1995, below.


Linda updated all 12 blocks for the pattern covers, even though she only used 9 of the blocks in her quilt.

11-pioneernights-100008-frtofvine-1000 02-twirltulips-1000

Each pattern includes new yardage, cutting, and border instructions. Color photos of both quilts are included in each pattern, along with a color photo of the new block.

The patterns are available individually or in a set of 12.  Click here to find Thru Grandmother’s Window Downloadable Patterns. I don’t have fabric kits but these colors are readily available in quilt shops and online. I encourage you to go on a fabric hunt.

You saw it here first! I’ll send a newsletter announcing the updated Thru Grandmother’s Window Downloadable Patterns tomorrow. Happy stitching!

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