Who wants these?

Wow! That was fast! These books have found a new home. Thank you, Kimberly!

These Piece O’ Cake books were printed in languages other than English which is very exciting, but I never look at them. It seems like someone could use them. Could that be you? All it would cost is shipping which will be between $6 and $14 in the US. Send me an email if you would like them: becky.pieceocake@gmail.com


Applique With Attitude – French


Covered With Love – French


A Slice of Christmas – French


The Applique Sampler with DVD – Portuguese?


Applique Delights – Spanish – 2 copies


Quilts With A Spin – German – 2 copies

11 thoughts on “Who wants these?

    • Well, I wish I could help but Kimberly already claimed them and they are on their way to her. I am amazed that it happened so fast!

      Please do click here to read about what’s new on my blog.



  1. Since I have been a fan since you and Linda were on Simply Quilts showing us how to reverse applique the windows on the houses on Welcome to the North Pole, I have all these books in English!! So, give them to someone who doesn’t have them!


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