Who wants these?

Wow! That was fast! These books have found a new home. Thank you, Kimberly!

These Piece O’ Cake books were printed in languages other than English which is very exciting, but I never look at them. It seems like someone could use them. Could that be you? All it would cost is shipping which will be between $6 and $14 in the US. Send me an email if you would like them: becky.pieceocake@gmail.com


Applique With Attitude – French


Covered With Love – French


A Slice of Christmas – French


The Applique Sampler with DVD – Portuguese?


Applique Delights – Spanish – 2 copies


Quilts With A Spin – German – 2 copies

11 thoughts on “Who wants these?

    • Well, I wish I could help but Kimberly already claimed them and they are on their way to her. I am amazed that it happened so fast!

      Please do click here to read about what’s new on my blog.



  1. Do ou still have them. My mother in law is French, and a quilter. I’d love to give them to her!

    Do something creative today!

    Velda Roy AKA GRANNYcanQUILT



  2. Since I have been a fan since you and Linda were on Simply Quilts showing us how to reverse applique the windows on the houses on Welcome to the North Pole, I have all these books in English!! So, give them to someone who doesn’t have them!


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